Improve treatment adherence and health choices for Hep C patients

Hep Connect has partnered with Perx Health to deliver a clinically proven self-management intervention. Using digital technology, Perx leverages proven behavioural science and comprehensive health management to enable every participant to improve their health behaviours and achieve better health outcomes. The Perx app, delivered via smartphones and tablets, has been clinically proven to empower people to manage their own appointments, medications and health choices. All patients managing Hep C in NSW are eligible for free access to the Perx app for the duration of their treatment.

How does it work?

Commencing with the first screening appointment, patients can schedule their health tasks (follow-up for results, pick-up prescriptions, attend appointments and adhere to medication). Clinicians can do this on behalf of their patient if required. Patients will then receive reminders to complete tasks when they are due. Perx integrates several motivators into the patient's daily schedule including education, gamification, and coaching. Each time a patient completes all their tasks, they have the chance to win real rewards (up to $25 gift cards). The referral process is very simple and can be completed in a couple of minutes.

Our awesome features
Who should I refer to this program?

The program is designed to provide additional support to anyone in the community who is about to start, or is on, hep C treatment.

Our awesome features

How do I refer a patient?

Referring a patient is easy and takes less than a minute! Simply click the "refer a patient button" and enter the patient's contact details to invite them to the program.

What does the science say?

Digital health is nothing without clinical outcomes. We are one of the few digital vendors who have demonstrated clinical effectiveness in peer-review publications, including a gold-standard randomised control trial with the University of Sydney. In this study awaiting publication, it was shown that Perx improves a number of biomarkers (HbA1c, cholesterol) relative to a control group. A retrospective analysis of Perx users conducted by the UTS found a 90% medication adherence rate over 12 months. These results have been published in the peer-reviewed journal, JMIR*.There is more research currently underway evaluating the clinical effectiveness of Perx, with promising preliminary results. 

*Impact Of A Multicomponent Digital Therapeutic Mobile App On Medication Adherence In Patients With Chronic Conditions: Retrospective Analysis". JMIR Preprints, 2021,

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What else does the Hep Connect program offer patients?

Incorporated health promotion
Condition-specific education seamlessly integrated into patient's daily schedules. Patients can learn science-based facts about hepatitis C while managing their health from the Perx home screen. 

Unmatched patient engagement
Perx utilises a range of motivators to drive patient engagement including; gamification, community, education, prizes and challenges. We believe that each person is motivated differently which is why we use an assortment of behavioural science techniques to match the needs of every patient. 

Powerful data 
Patients can monitor their own analytics in their personalised health dashboard and can monitor their own progress over time. This is a powerful tool that patients can use to improve their health. 
How to use

See what patients think

Over 10,000 patients use Perx to manage their health. Join the Hep Connect program today.

Love this app. It keeps me on track with all my medications. Plus a bonus of being able to win gift cards etc. So easy to use.


Perx is an amazing app that really gets you into a routine for taking your medications and on top of that, you can win rewards for being so diligent.


In the time I've been using this app the reminders for taking medication at different times throughout the day have proven both reliable and highly valuable - the gift card rewards earned throughout the process are just the icing on the cake.