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Feel better, live well and get rewarded with Perx

We know navigating dementia isn’t easy, that's why Perx Health is here to help you better manage your condition and stay healthy for free.

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What is Perx?

Funded by the Department of Health and supported by project partner Dementia Australia, Perx is a digital health app that supports and encourages you to take care of your health. For any person living with dementia or someone who is caring for them, the Perx app is FREE. Free access to Perx means you’ll have one place to manage everything to do with your condition - handy prompts, daily support and rewards will encourage you along the way.

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Start earning rewards today

From fuel and grocery vouchers to movie tickets and shopping gift cards, all of this could be yours when you complete your daily health tasks with Perx. And even if you’ve mastered your daily health routine, why not earn rewards along the way?

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Signing up is fast and easy. Click below to get started.

Signing up is fast and easy. Click below to get started.

Here's how Perx can help you hit your health goals

Simple Schedule

Keep track of all your daily health tasks in the Perx app.

Track Progress

keep yourself and your medical team up-to-date with a live dashboard of your current health stats.


Earn gift vouchers and exclusive discounts just for completing your daily health tasks


Engage with others managing chronic conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Perx is available for free for any person living with dementia or someone who is caring for them.

The Perx app is compatible with most smartphones and tablets that are running both iPhone and Android operating systems. You can download Perx via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively.

Perx has partnered with some of the most popular retail providers in Australia and there are over 30 different reward providers. Patients can earn win rewards for groceries, pharmacies, cinema tickets, department stores and many other retailers.

The Perx app lets patients earn rewards in various ways. Every time they complete their daily health tasks using the Perx app, they may get to play a short game which gives them a chance to win a reward every time they play. If they don’t win a reward they’ll still earn Perx Points, which is the in-app currency. But there’s more… if a member completes all their health tasks on any given day, they will be eligible for a bonus game which gives them another chance to win rewards. Some levels will have a reward waiting for them, so all they have to do is continue accruing points and level up to unlock these extra rewards!

Perx values your privacy and by participating in this program it is completely confidential and no personal or health information is shared without your consent. Additionally, Perx health adheres to strict privacy principles - over and above what is required and expected by regulators and their customers.

Hear what patients have to say

I was diagnosed with Younger Onset Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia in August 2019. For a person living with dementia, once you have established your daily routine, I see the main challenges as remembering which daily activities you need to complete and at what time, finding the motivation to complete each of these tasks and being able to makes changes to your daily routine with minimum fuss. Quite simply, in terms of your memory, it is very easy to forget to complete a particular task! For me, the Perx app has been instrumental in keeping me on track and allowing me to regularly complete all of the activities that I have nominated to do daily. By sending me regular reminders, Perx not only reminds me of the activities that I need to complete, it also has made me accountable to the decisions that I made when I constructed my daily schedule. This is particularly evident in the STREAKS part of the app, where it records how many consecutive days that you have accomplished every component of your daily schedule. As of 28 July 2021, my streak is 471 days! By appealing to my competitive side, Perx provides me with the incentive I need to always work towards achieving my goal. This is particularly important on days where my mood is low and I need that extra push. Following my diagnosis, I came to the understanding that, where there is no cure for this disease, there is however no reason to give up and lose focus, especially in relation to the purpose and meaning of life. The Perx app has and will continue to play a very important part in the journey that I have undertaken to manage this disease, and hopefully one day, beat this disease. From my perspective, I would have no hesitation in recommending this app as I don’t believe that I would have achieved what I have without it supporting me every step of the way. William Y, PLWD

Signing up is fast and easy. Click below to get started.

Bobby's Story

I live independently, so depend on technology to help me plan and remember what I need to be doing and when - the Perx app helps me to remember to take my twice daily medication. In having to photograph the tablets prior to taking them I have a personal record that I have taken them, because sometimes I forget that I have done something as well as forgetting what I am supposed to do. The app also motivates me to complete by meditation and movement / step goals - when I see I am close to my goal, it pushes me to do just a bit extra to achieve the goal. I also appreciate the intermittent rewards, they always feel like a bit of a bonus! I would recommend Perx for all the reason's mentioned above. Although I live alone and use everything I can to remain independent, it is equally important for those people who live with a care partner, as it is too easy to build up a dependency on others in the household to remind us to do things, which not only puts additional pressure on the care partner, but also reduces the need for those of us with dementia to think for ourselves, thus speeding up the loss of functioning and can lead to a greater loss of confidence in a person's sense of their own ability. Bobby R, PLWD

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